I need some backgroundssss

i didn’t know what category to put this in :neutral_face:

Hey everyone. I really need some fantasy or like fairy tale backgrounds. Here’s what I need:

  • exterior and interior of cottages
  • village/town
  • forest
  • government building
  • passageway…? Idek

Also, I really need magic/spell overlays. Like someone holding fire in their hand for example lol. Here’s some that I need:

  • red/orange/fire
  • blue/water
  • orange/yellow/light
  • green/brown/earth
  • purple/light blue
  • pink/white/air
  • and magic that’s like shooting out of someone’s hand

Hope this makes sense, and I hope someone helps cause I’ve looked everywhere for these but can’t seem to find any :confused:

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I have a few people here that can maybe help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks, I’ll consider it :slight_smile:

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Cottages Like This?

^ All from the Background Factory, Free-to-Use, Approved by Episode Guaranteed

Government-y enough for ya?

There’s also this Drive you could look through for stuff.

Or link to ugly backdrops that Episode will approve but they don’t match Ink, Limelight, or Classic :joy:

Magic Effects you have to pay for for OR just download 2 free a day :joy:

A Hat I Wish Was A Outfit Choice In Episode

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thanks! <3

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:skull: The New Year’s ones.