I need some backrounds!

I was wondering if anyone could make me a few backrounds for my next story !

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Of course! I can make some for u.

I make art scenes, backgrounds, covers, mature themes and strong language alert. Etc.

Do you have Instagram? If you do mine is ray_writes_episode hehe

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I Don have Instagram. Would u like to see some of my examples?

Sure !

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I also does backgrounds. :heart: :heart:

This is drwn art scene.

And I also does backgrounds.

Ok okay I was hoping you could make some:
-office backrounds
-living room options
-bedroom options

  • also backrounds inside a building
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Of course. When do u need this?

I shall give u after 30 mts. Is it okay?

You can honestly take ur time because I am
In no rush

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Thank u!!!

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U r welcome! And no need to credit me! I just want to help you all :heart::heart:

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This is bath tub.

Bedroom do u need more bedroom backgrounds?

No these are great heheheh

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