I need some coding help if that's possible? :)))

So, i’m writing a zombie story! And the first scene is the MC running from a herd of zoms!! What i need help with is: how to all make them run at the same time, the camera following them and switching between the zombs and the MC and also how to get text up while the camera is following the MC! Sorry if that doesn’t make sense haha, ps – Aimee Elle :)) <3

This will help you on how to do this.

thankyou! i’ll have a look x

to let more characters do sonething in the same time use & instead of @ for the walking command

&ZOMBIE1 walks to spot…
&ZOMBIE2 walks to spot…

for falowing use pan and if needed also zoom again with using &

&pan to zone 3 in 3
&ZOMBIE1 walks to spot…

for switching if it is the same background use cut and if needed also zoom

&cut to zone 2

for having text while pan and animation is happening… surprise surprise :sweat_smile: you need to use &

&pan to zone 3 in 3
&ZOMBIE1 walks to spot…
Bla bla bla

thanks :))

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