I need some covers (BEWARE 5 CHARACTERS)


Anyone willing to do it? I need it fast, I’m almost done with episode 1 :cold_sweat:


Sure, how do u want the cover to look like?


I want the MC to be doing the animaton disappointed while others do certain animations. Have you seen Modern Family’s cover?


Yh, just googled it :sweat_smile:. so you want ur cover to look like that (but with limelight characters?

Or INK ?


Ink :smiley:


ok should i create the characters or u wanna send then to me?


I’ll send the details in a sec


The girl should be in the center and others must be around her if that makes sense :sweat_smile:




One last question how large do u want the background to be?
640 1136
1280 1136
1920 1136

And what´s the title of the story?


I need a large cover so whatever suits best


What’s the title of the story?


Summer In LA


If there is anything u want me to change or edit, feel free to reply!


I can help you with covers or splashes! @TheTurtleTrainer
Request here. :point_down:t4::point_down:t4:
Cindy’s Art Shop :slightly_smiling_face:




Thank you, it’s wonderful :see_no_evil::heart:


Yw :grin:


Can I make one even though your not gonna use it


I don’t need a cover anymore, so no need to waste your time. :blush: