I need some friends

so im at a point where i dont really have any friends. So i wanna make some more
Heres a little bit about me.

I am 14 from Australia. I am called Sophie. I do cheerleading and i like photography, editing, tumbling and drawing. I do have anxiety and depression so if you can accept it cool if not then i dont really want you being my friend. My favourite colours are pink and blue and my fav food is burgers, pizza or ice cream.

If you read through all of that youre a champ and I hope to hear from some of you to be friends :slight_smile:


Hey there, I would lvoe to be your friend. What is your username on episode?

I am 14 and from Australia too. And I love photography too! I also wanted to say that your depression and anxiety does not affect how I see you or will act around you x

aww thanks so much and by username on episode do you mean the app?


dont know off the top of my head will check when im home but wanna pm so we can talk more :0

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Sure thing

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pm me x

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Hi! I’d love to be your friend! Again. :joy: (We are already friends! :laughing:)


Sorry off topic… But why did you removed yourself

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I can relate so much I have anxiety as well and I’m 14. If you have insta mine is Abbie.epi

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I live in US
I like the colors blue red and purple
I LOVE ice cream and pizza and french fries
I like photography as well and drawing (not that good :joy:)
I would love to be your friend fair warning, I’m kinda strange so…


Hi! I’d love to be your friend :smiley:

You go, girl! And sure, I’ll be your friend! And if you ever want to talk, I’m in the same boat, so feel free to DM me whenever! :heart::hugs:

Ahah for sure dm me

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Aww thanks XX pm me

Awesome! Pm me

I’m totally fine with that pm me

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I’d love to be friends my insta is @alluringbetty so message me on there :slight_smile: