I need some good art scenes! :)

Hey there! :blush: I want some good art scenes for my new story… Can anyone help ??? :heart:

Hi my group can help!

Hey​:blush: thank you for answer me! Can you please make one art scene for me then ? :heart:

Yes I can! Can you send your details!

Skin colour Tan
Brown Sedective Arch
Nose Upturned
Face Shape Oval
Eyes Uptunerd Feline Colour Green
Hair Beach Wave Hair Colour Cayenne
Lips Classic Colour Terracotta

Skin colour Tan
Brown Thin Arch
Nose Upturned
Face Shape Diamond
Eyes Stoic Almond Colour Blue
Hair Short Cropped Hair Colour Black
Lips Uneven Colour Terracotta


And about the outfits I want them with underwear no matter what!!!

I want them kissing or hugging :heart:

Thank you for your time😊

Okay thank you!

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