I need some good male last names!

Hey all! It’s been awhile, but after writing my story, I feel that I should actually start figuring out what my character’s last name should be LOL. Idk if I should have a unique last name or a common, so feel free to list whatever, but preferably a unique one!!

Thank you! :heart:

Unique Last Name's
  • Penmark
  • Wright
  • Nelson
  • Nomak
  • Camiz
  • Hearthash
  • Orson
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Thank you so much! :blush:

Where does he/she hail from? I tell you, basing a person’s (sur)name on their ancestry and/or country of origin brings so much life to their character and backstory in one fell swoop. The ability to customize the character’s appearance in-story may sometimes throw a wrench into the mix, but you can still make it work with a little forethought. Personally, I’d take a geographical surname over a ‘unique’ one. You can hit two birds with one stone as well…

Mclevi, McLain, laureson, Neils, O’Halley, Romero, Adwari, Rioz/Rios

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