I need some good stories to read



Hello fellow episodians. (disclaimer: DO NOT POST YOUR OWN STORY HERE, I have a promote your story which you can find if you click here) I am in need of some good stories;
You can either
List your favorite stories
Recommend good stories that you like

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not recommend stories that are recommended by everyone (meaning if you go on to a different list your favorite stories thread everyone says that they like these stories these stories may be good but I am looking for stories that maybe aren’t so popular, also please don’t recommend featured stories or classic ones (sorry classic authors).

My favorites include:
Stray Heart by: Talu
Love is a Drug by: Anneka Moon
Wild Fire by: Carllies
Gang Rivals by: Megan.Marie
The Deadly Five by: V.S
Rescued by: Lindsey
Legacy by: Natasha Hills
Complement by: @amberdaisies
After the Fact by: Nina Luna
Whiskey by: Mikayla
Strangers season 1 and 2 by: AMELIA
Lovely Prison, Mafia Queen, And Mafia Queen 2: sins: by Sari.


Damaged Goods is really good


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Miss averys little secret
10 episodes CURRENTLY
ig is episode.hina
Avery has been one thing her whole life, her past. What happens when ig all comes rushing back? Will her secret be told? Will the people she loves trust her?


-The dare is a really good story
-Perfectly wrong is really cool
-Deep attraction
-Forced vampire


Meet the Adams by @rasha.episode. It’s a really funny comedy! :smile:


Here are some of my favourites:

  • One Of The Girls by Amberose
  • Rosehaven by AJ Nicole
  • Melody Of The Heart by Peiyang
  • Amnesia by Josefine
  • Wentworth by writer.lb
  • Camp Stillwater by Sharnaye

Sorry if any of these are often reccomended!


I recommend these ones:

*Making Lemonade by Joriemar
*Astronomy Gossip by Echo Dünkelstrom
*Dirty, Sexy Teenagers by Lucky V. Hewitt


thank you!!!


I can recommend sooo many amazing stories but I highly recommend you to read Dead 7 by Kayla Sloans. I finished the whole story in one sitting, it’s hilarious and amazing at the same time!


Another good one is Sucked into the Mafia


The Ruby Tiara is a reallllly good story. I’ve read it like three times.


Can you please read the top?


Currently all the books I have read and enjoyed are:

Lets Play Ball: Little Italy
Cetrinda: Sarah Kieser
Baby on board: Sammer B.
Forced Vampire: Hanieh
Adrenaline: Evil Ebonni
Fake Love, True Love: AKA Clover White
Haute as Hell: S. Langdon

I am also started to read Complicated by Sai Keyhart which is pretty awesome :grin: Those are most of the ones I have enjoyed so far in Episode. Some have a few short episodes but the plotlines are really amazing.

-Rose_Thornss :kissing_heart:


I know this is a bit of a cliche but it’s a really good towards the end
I married a millionaire by earlgreytea.