I need some hand overlays!

I’m in need of some limelight arms and legs overlays!
For female = Copper 10
For male = Copper 9

here’s a reference picture of how I want the legs and arms to look like

I’m pretty sure I can do it I’ll just need a picture of both your characters in the outfit you need them in please. Full body.

Here are they in their outfits and I need some done with just their hands. Without the clothing

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Okay can you send me a pic of the female with a short sleeve shirt. Just so I can see the full arm piece

Do you need it sideways like the picture or just forward?

I would like the overlays to be faced sideways. Facing left & right

This Is just a quick one I did. Would you like them facing more left or no?

I will fix the arms and make them look sideways.

Naw it’s good. I just want it by themselves. Like the 2 arms facing left by themselves & the 2 legs facing left by themselves

Ohhh okay. Sorry

No need to be sorry😊

These aren’t my best but I hope they work.

image image image image

It’s perfect! But can you flip the hands so both of them are facing left?

Yes. One sec

And can I get the same overlays, but with the clothes on?

Yes. I will get started on those as soon as possible.

No, like both arms are facing left like the feet

Okay. I’ll fix it.