I need some help , any help is apriciated

does anyone knows the way to do a gem choice ?
and how can I add a cup , pizza , cupcake to the hand of the character ?
and how to make the player costumise the character ?
and does lables could be used in next characters ( ex. I labeled in chapter one can I use goto label that exist in chapter one ?

plz help me any help is apriciated



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Customisation templates can be found in the portal under “script templates” :slightly_smiling_face:
It will be labelled “Avatar - Male” or “Avatar - Female”.

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(stuff inside the choice)
NOTE: You have to put something inside the bracket next to the word choice.
The reason why you do this is, if you want to make choices that affect the story, do it like this:
(insert scene here)
(insert scene here)
(insert scene here)

  1. TO add prop input this command to your script:
    to remove do
    @remove PROPNAME from CHARACTER

  2. There is a Female Avatar and Male Avatar script template in the writers portal. Access it by clicking Script Template on the right side menu beside your script

  3. I’m a lil confused by your question but I think you meant can you label something in chapter one and then go back to the label afterward?

So, to answer your question:
Let’s say u have two choices:
label findperson
Where to find (person)?
“Choice 1”{
(insert scene here)
“Choice 2”{
(insert scenes here)
Let’s say choice 1 is the correct place, second place is the wrong place.
If character goes to second place, then you write.

goto findperson at the end of the choice.
so the reader gets redirected to the choices part where the can choose which place they go.
Afterwards, they continue the story when they click choice 1.

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Click at “All Directing Commands” at the left of your script. The 6th arrow underneath “Directing your Story” has everyhting about Gem Choices.


@EpisodeForLife93 tysm for your help but wht I meant in my question is : if I labeled smthing in chapter one can I go back to lable when I am in chapter 2 ?

No, I don’t think so. (I’m not too sure) Although I’m getting used to coding, I’m still not as advanced as many people around here.

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If you ever need help again we will be more then happy to help you out:)

You can use gains or name the choice to bring it back in, in another chapter

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