I need some help BADLY


I have no idea what is happening and I need help! here is a pic of my script!

By the way, the error message says

(u’unpreviews’, u’YOU’,
u’outfit’, u’audition3’)


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Try closing all ur brackets first


what do you mean?


“I’ll try something else”{


ill try it


The format is usually

“Xxxx” {



The brackets contain what’s going to happen when u click “xxx”


i fixed the weird error thing, but it is now telling me i need an ending bracket. where do i put it?



You need 2 end brackes on line 2885. Just put }}


ok all errors are gone, but i have a ton of warnings


Line 2885, not line 2889


ohhhh. trying it now.


ok SUPER sorry for all my problems, but now I need help with animations.


Put “is” before the actual animation

Ex. @X is animation


YAY!!! working now