I need some help finding an animation

what is the name of that one animation where they purse their lips and look to the side?
thanks !
EDIT: its like a “wtf did you just say to me” moment on their face

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LL or ink?



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sorry I can’t help I only know ink

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no worries!

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thank you for understanding

Is the person sad? Or happy? Or is she blushing?

surprised? ive been looking through the animations and i just can’t find it


is this what you are looking for ?

Something like this:


Are they standing or walking? Do they talk? Is it a male?

16 24

they are standing and not talking; i’m pretty sure the animation is unisex

This is the closest I could find:


Oh wait, I know. But you’re not going to like it.
It only comes as a sitting animation, so you’ll have to zoom in on them if they’re supposed to be standing.

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AHHH thank you so much!!!
It’s okay haha, i’m just glad that someone was able to find it for me! <3

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