I need some help. I've tried to fade my overlay but it's not working

I need some help. I’ve tried to fade my overlay but it’s not working.

could i see your script to see whats not working?


To “fade out” an overlay, you have to use the opacity command like you did to fade it in.
@overlay DL.TEXT opacity 0 in [time]

Also, for the overlay to move on your line below, you need to use “shifts” rather than “transition to spot”:
@overlay DL.TEXT shifts to 0.893 59 161 in zone 1 in [time]

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Any other tips may be found in Dara’s helpful guides :hugs:

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okay so you want to write it like this:

@overlay DL.TEXT create
@overlay DL. TEXT opacity 1 in s
it will fade in, in however many second you choose

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It worked thanks so much!

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