I Need Some Help (LL)

i need someone to help edit dialogue in my story <3

can you explain in further detail what do you need? :blush:

i just need dialgue changing in my strory to match the new stroryline

like changing what somene says to make it better

Can you be more clear about what you want?

like this

LEO (talk_think_neutral)
You think she’s on Tinder?
&speechbubble is 150 218 to 100% with tail_top_left
MIA (talk_apathetic)
She looks too old for that.
&LEO is sigh_disappointed
MIA (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Why? You want to go out with her?

changing to say something else

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The first two dialogues seems pretty good. The last one can also be written like
“Are you interested in her?” “Are you planning to go out with her?” “Do you got any eyes for her?” and many more

hes talking about his teacher that was just an example

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AH MAN! I’m sorry :joy: but please you gotta be more informative about what you want. I don’t understand how to help you now

basically i’ll send you the script backgrounds and i’ll explain the scenes and yu just change what they are saying to make it better

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Can i ask how many scenes?

not many