I need some help please and thank you


@transition fade in black 2.1

@TOM changes into TOM_WORK

&TOM stands back right AND TOM is tinker_loop_rear

sound int_americanfamilyrestaurant_day

@SUMMER changes into SUMMER_WORK

@SUMMER enters from left to screen left AND SUMMER is run_neutral

Okay so…I need Tom to not pop up I need him standing there when the screen fades in and I don’t get why Summer will not enter from left and run she just pops up also…

Add the transition command after the TOM stands command.

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Thank you I will try it. :slight_smile: I suck at transitions most the time I pan to them this is just one of the times I can’t :slight_smile:

Transitions are tricky but a rule of thumb is if you’re using fade in, it goes after the all your background/characters/overlays have been set up. And if you fade out, it goes before the background/characters/overlays have been set up.


Thank you so much it worked. :slight_smile: I will remember this.

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Solved and closed. Thanks!