I need some help please... FAST! PLEASE!

I’m new so, I need some help. I want my character to walk_rear, to the door.

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I also, would like help with speech bubble effects. If you can help, thank you so much!!!


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I can help with the spot directing, not sure about speech bubble effects.

Do you want them to look like they have walked on the scene from below the screen, walking towards the door or that they are in the middle of the room and face rear to walk to the door?

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they enter from the side, think, face rear, and walk rear to the door.

Ok so you would need to spot them off screen first so they walk straight.
@CHAR spot (offscreen X Y)
@CHAR walks to X Y (center screen spot) in 3 AND CHAR faces left or right
@CHAR is think_rubchin
@CHAR faces right AND is idle_rear
I would move the character in your spot helper to work out what the spot direction is then type it in…
@CHAR walks to spot X Y in #

Hope that helps.

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thank you!!

You can also add a walk animation so it might be
@CHARACTER walks to spot X Y AND CHARACTER does it while walk_rear

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thank you so much!!

It helped a lot, thanks so much!!

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