I need some help please!

So you know when a character is at this bar and the bartender is behind the bar… how do i do that??

you’ll have to upload the bar as an overlay and place the character at a lower later, behind it

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how do i upload it as an overlay?? sorry im new to this

no worries! go to your art catalog, click on overlays then choose ‘uploaded to your account’. i’ll send you a screenshot hold on

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ok thank you

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ok i downloaded the picture and i went to do it but it didnt appear in my downloads

not the whole picture, just the bar, and it has to be png

i’ll make it for you hold on a sec

ok thank you cause i have no idea what im doing so thank you very much

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If I’m not mistaken, episode already provides this overlay in the art catalog. Try going to the overlay section and type ‘bar’. I think you can find it there

really? omg that’s great-

I already looked and its not

oh ok lmao

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I will take a look

But can you make the overlay yourself? I can make one for you if you like

episode.mistletoe is kindly already making one for me

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oh okay hahaha

Dang she is always ahead of me HDHDJ jk I love u girl

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i’m sorry HAHAHAH i love you too :pleading_face:

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