I need some help please :)

My image resize that I used is not working can someone give me one I can use?


If you are talking about art we would be more then happy to help:)

Here you go.


U can go to simpleimageresizer.com to change the size of your image. Don’t click this link, it will give you an error. Type it in google and you will see it pop up.

It is the one I was using and it just keeps giving me error on it no matter how I try to get to it!

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Use be funk

Yeah. I just type mines in, gived an error. Website acting up a little.

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The site @granolias posted worked thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


Is it simpleimageresier.com?
Yes, it was mine too. But I got an editing app that let me resize he picture in app!


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