I need some help plz :)

Hi guyz. Im new and i’ve been starting to make stories. Just wondering (HOW DO YOU LET THE READERS CHANGE THE APPEARANCE OF THE CHARACTERS ALREADY MADE) please tell me as soon as possible because this help will be useful


You need a template, Ink has default ones, or you can take somebody’s else template.

If you’re using Limelight there’s that new thing where you can send readers into a kind of place where they can change features, kinda like in the profiles.

These are the code for that. (I copied this from the guides, there are more things, go there to see them, it’s in beginner directing tips.)

@CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar
@CHARACTERNAME goes to character avatar in

When a filter is not specified the default filter is bodyColor (note that all other filters are still available, this is just to specify which filter a reader first sees).

The different filter choices are:

Thx for the tempalates :kissing_heart:

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