I need some help with a cover for my story

I need some help from an artist to create a cover for me. I will 100% give credit .

It needs to be a small cover my character is in limelight


For the background I’d like an office and for the character I would like her to be sitting behind the desk arms crossed and serious. Id want her to be dressed in the example upabove.

The story’s name is Boss Girl, you can put the title somewhere you choose i don’t mind, i think it would be great if whoever helps out put your @s at the top of the cover for credit.

I don’t mind how long you take to create it, take all the time you need.

Drawn or edited?!

I am ok with anything as long as it is the best work you could have done and it matches the description I have :blush:.

I can try. I have recently done an office edit for a girl in IG. I will leave them below for you to see. Do you want the same background or any office background will do?!


Wow this is great the 2nd one will do, but do you think you could have her in a arm crossed pose :grin:

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I think I can. Nothing bad in trying though.
Can I use the background in the example or you want the one you provided above?!

Yes absolutely

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What’s your username name in Episode?! For author name in the cover.

Mia that’s it

Okay. I will have it done in 2-3 days.

Awesome take all the time you need

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Can I try, too? I’m kinda trying to kill time and help people : )

I would finish it, but for some reason the app doesn’t let me paste the character onto it. I’ll come back to it later.
So far:

Thats beautiful i love it :grin:

Hey! Can you tell me which one you like the most. I will proceed further with that one.


The 2nd one looks good :blush:

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Sorry for the late, dear. Here’s your covers. Hope you like them :slightly_smiling_face: