I need some help with a cover


Hi I just started a story and I would really like a cover for my story so whoever can help me that would be very much appreciated thanks.


I can


Can you send the character details?


Okay thank you so much


No problem! And the poses. And the clothes


Skin color /Honey
Eyebrows /Medium Soft Arch
Hair /Straight
Eyes /Upturned Luxe
Face /Oval
Nose /Elven
Lips /Full Round


Ok thanks! pose author name andstory name?


Also background. sorry for asking many questions!


Oh no it’s fine sorry i didn’t know you need all this stuff this is my first time doing this






Background /image
Author /Halley
Story name/ Darkness
Pose/ arms_crossed

Is that i all i think? sorry it took so long


Hair color? and lip color.

sorry, :neutral_face:


and eyes,


Oh omg sorry i totally forgot that sorry about that.

it’s black


Eye /White
Lip color /Rosewood

I am really sorry about that


It’s no problem!


Here it is! If you use please credit me on Instagram! @mother_of_the_elements


Wow, thank you so much. I will go follow you on Instagram right now


Aw, thanks!