I need some help with a description 😓

I’m going through a rough point atm and I am failing to be able to enthusiastically write a well written description about a story I’m actually super excited about and I need y’alls help - I can give an idea of the story and if anyone is able to help me out, please whatever you need, credit, art- whatever I just need some help…

If you’re able to help out, here’s the story idea…

  • Title: 5 Steps to Fame
  • Story idea: The reader will be able to choose their gender, and take the journey to stardom- following the “5 steps to fame” they have planned out… the reader will be able to choose their talent and pursue the “dream life” (if they make the right choices)
  • Features: multiple endings, important path changing decisions, complex storylines, LGBTQ+, and a diverse story…

thank you guys so much…

hey girl! i hope that this description can help, it’s exactly 180 characters :slight_smile:


Being famous seemed like a breeze, thanks to your plan; The Five Steps To Fame. Becoming a star is the easy part. But keeping that fame and living your dream life? Not so easy.

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no problem boo :pleading_face:
if you need anything else, feel free to message me! :yellow_heart:

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i just edited it slightly (there were too many 'easy’s :skull:

but just my forums name. @hollywood.episode would be great, thank you! :pleading_face:

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