I need some help with a drawing [ppl who knows a lot of rappers pls]

Hey so if you like this kind of music and know a lot of artists can u tell me if these r recognizable?

Here r the names if u need it


Tupac, xxxtentaction, juice wrld, pop smoke, biggie smalls [The Notorious B.I.G.], lil peep.

Thank u for your help and don’t hesitate if u think that there’s anything I need to change💕


they look like digletts;; i love them

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I think it looks really good! I recognized the ones I knew as soon as I saw them! :blush:

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lmao I see it nowww

Thank u!

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Omg u did XXXTENTACION-:heart_eyes::relieved:
They all look amazing, very much recognisable. :raised_hands:t5:

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THANK u! :heart:

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