I need some help with a Title and Description

Hey y’all :wave:t4: so I am writing my first story here on episode… I don’t have much because I’m still on my first episode but I have a pre-written story :heart: but the problem is that my description isn’t very good and I can’t come up with a story title… I’ll post my recent description on here and I hope someone can help me :blush:Thank you in advance! So my description is :
After her parents disappeared Aaliyah is forced to follow into their foodsteps and become the youngest and first female leader her gang has ever seen. Will she be able to lead like her parents did?

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I’m no good at descriptions, but I have some titles!

Heels of Steel, Breaking Point, Destiny’s Child, Stepping into Sin, Trapped in Destiny, Bloody Roots

Wow these are very good! Thank you so so much​:heart::relaxed:

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If you still need a description

Being a young woman means many people doubt your capabilities, proving yourself to your gang isn’t going to be easy especially after the legacy your parents left behind. Good luck!

Thank you sooo much! The description very good I’ll definitely use it!

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I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be using bloody roots as a title! You helped me a lot thank you :heart:

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Omg YAS! :laughing: let me know when you publish, I’ll definitely read!

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