I need some help with background not showing up

Okay, so I do not have a error or any thing. But for some reason I have a background that I have used before that I got from someone that is not showing up and my Characters are not showing up to. It’s just when it comes to this background…It’s showing what they are saying and playing the sound, but that is it. Can any one help me with this? :slight_smile:

    VERONICA (talk_happy_smile)
Agreed. now let's hit the road.

@transition fade out black 2

INT. WINDOW1 - DAY with DESK OFFICE WOOD to 1.000 -244 -7

@transition fade in black 2

@VERONICA enters from right to screen right AND TAYLER enters from right to screen left

@TAYLER faces right

sound phone_ring2

    VERONICA (talk_neutral)
Can you go make copies for me while I get these phone calls?

This is were it is doing it at. When this background come’s up.

May be a glitch in your pc previewer, Have you previewed it on the phone yet?


It can be a glitch. I was having the same problems today in this scene of mine

Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t. I just restarted my comp. And then finally they showed up.

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Yeah I just seen were other people were having this problem also so its a glitch. I’ll try restarting my computer and see what happen’s. The scene worked fine yesterday and haven’t changed any thing in it so that could be the only answer. Thank you both. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Something is going on because sometimes when I will hit preview nothing will come up just a black screen.

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Mine has always done that from time to time. I normally just exit the web and then go back in when it does that and it work’s. But this just happened in the middle of me previewing the story like it was playing through then boom black screen,

That was happening to me just now so I gave up writing tomorrow ill try again.

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If I can’t get it to work this time that is what I’m going to do also…It just suck’s because I was all into getting this chapter done and now I can’t tonight.

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Same had 3 more scenes to do than finish. But wasn’t working. :zipper_mouth_face:

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