I need some help with choices

Hi. I was gonna make a customization part of my story, but I have absolutely no idea how to make choices inside of choices…Or is there some other way to do it? PLEASE HELPP D:

I could help with that

It’s not hard, you can go on episodelife.com for limelight customization!

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If you’re writing a story in ink, episode provides customization templates. If you’re writing in limelight, you can either find a template online, or add into your script @CHARACTER goes to character avatar. What this does is open up the customization thing that you use when creating your avatar. I hope this helps! :grin:

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Oh wow. Thank you so much!! When I first tried, it kept giving me ERRORS saying “label blablabla doesn’t exist” “Eyebrows Arched Natural don’t exist” and I was about to pull my hair out and become bald. But this helped me so much! Thank you! :smiley: :heart: