I need some help with customize LL characters


When you want to edit your profile I mean your character on mobile app you are send to a place. I saw in some not featured stories this type of customization and I want to use it but I don’t know how. Can someone tell me please??


I believe it’s:
@CHARACTER goes to character avatar


Thank you so much I will try it right now and see if it works


There are no errors but I think it doesn’t work on web preview…
Thanks again :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


No problem :grin:


I tried it too, and it works! Now it just made my story so much cooler!


Just a little tip:

Since you don’t use the old way, you cannot use;

@CHARACTER changes hair into Bla
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into Bla

You can use:
"@CHAR2 becomes CHAR" for duplicate characters!


Oh that’s really helpful!
Usually I just do
@YOU changes hairColor into Black
@CHARACTER1 changes hairColor into Black
And that’s really time consuming, but this is a helpful tip!


does it work the same with male chars?


I think yes because I’ve seen it in stories


I’m not sure but I’d guess so


Okay thank you!