I need some help with my character's background

Okay, so I’m having this long debate with myself about my story. I’m getting ready to start writing it and I want my main character to be latina and speak some spanish in the story (obviously) but I’m trying to decide where to make her from. My family is from Argentina, so when I speak spanish, some of the dialect is different, like we use different words and have different accents. I’m not worried about the accent thing for obvious reasons cause people are reading the story and will read it in their own voice. But the way I created my character, and the way I want her to look, she’s a little dark. Argentinian people like myself and my family are more on the light side so I feel like I can’t make my character Argentinian because she doesn’t match the profile. I also don’t wanna make her Mexican or Spanish (like from Spain), cause I feel like it’s too basic and my dialect is different. Also I don’t want to make her Non-Argentinian cause I don’t know much about other cultures and i don’t want to make assumptions or use stereotypes. What do you think? Should I just say eff it and make her Argentinian (ya know represent my culture), or should I do a different country where she would actually match the profile, but I’d have to do a little bit of research about the culture, and use some different spanish dialect than what I’m used to.

Hmmm I would say write what you know. I would make them Argentinian since you have first hand experience so things will come to you naturally and be more authentic and accurate.

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