I need some help with my script. C:::::::

How do I do the thought in a characters head but while doing an animation?

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Like this
Character (animation)

      CHAR (animation)
(Put your text here)

make sure you put the parentheses around the thought, though!

I know that but how does my character narrate as well as doing an animation?

&Character is animation

To have a narration bubble with an animation, write this:

&MELODY is think_rubchin
This is so weird but I sense something behind me??

Thank you!

Actually when I did that my character keeps saying NARR (MELODY) instead of the action just working thats the dialouge everything else works but that action isnt working shes saying it.

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Hello all! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but how do I create a new thread?

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If she’s saying it then you shouldn’t be including the “NARR.” If you want Melody to think her speech in one of those thought bubbles, then write:

MELODY (think_rubchin)
(This is so weird but I sense something behind me??)

No worries! To start a new thread, find the topic you’re interested in, and then hit the new topic button. It should look like this:

I don’t see that! I just see the bell icon. Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

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That’s really weird!! I don’t know what to tell you :worried: I’m not sure why you’re not able to start a new thread :frowning_face:

Oh, nevermind! I just got a message from the Episode forum admin that I have been promoted a trust level. I can see the button now. :slight_smile: (Guess I was too new).

Thanks for your help!

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Of course! And congrats on the increased trust level :grin:

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