I need some help with my script directing :(

I’m having trouble making characters walk across the screen. Can you help me?
I’m typing in
@WILLIAM CORMAC enters from left to screen right
(the name of my character don’t ask )
but nothing happens
I tried almost everything I’m lost
please help

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Maybe you misspelled the name of the character? What did you type before or after it? :thinking:

It’s showing that’s it’s a correct character, I checked the spelling it seems to be correct.
I did
@characters name enters from left to screen right

This command is correct. Do you have anything after it? Are you using your phone or portal to preview?

I tried using both, both just played nothing
It’s strange it even says it’s a valid command for some reason the character just won’t show up.

Are you sure the name is the Script name and not just the display name?

Can you post more script?

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Check if your story is spotlight or full body.

If it is full body display then try adding the zone,
@WILLAM CORMAC enters from left to screen right in zone #

It’s the script name
And before that I have the narrator talking and change in zone
I double checked and it’s full body
I tried the zone change still nothing

If you post more of your script maybe we will be able to help you.

@pan to zone 2
@WILLIAMS WIFE stands screen left in zone 2
@ WILLIAM enters from left to screen right in zone 2

2 things I notice off the bat;

  1. Earlier you said the name was “WILLIAM CORMAC”, and in this piece of script, you just used the name WILLIAM.

  2. There’s a space between the @ and the name WILLIAM.

I believe the correct scripting should be;

@WILLIAM CORMAC enters from left to screen right in zone 2

I could be wrong, I’m not great at scripting either. :slight_smile:

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I had to put the space because episode said I wasn’t allowed to mention two usernames?
And I did change it to Williams full name after you mentioned it but still nothing
Is this some glitch?

You can’t actually do that. It will come up as a warning.

It may be a glitch but try to delete a scene and re-write it again, and if you can send me a full scene on PM (if you don’t want to post it here)

ahhh okay oops

Okay thank you! I’ll do that. I hope nothing wrong with my compueter …