I need some help with my script

Hello everyone I already have a plot and a plan they are at a abandoned house and abandoned building

Are you asking for coding help? Or searching for backgrounds?


What help do you need?

Coding help

Are you looking for a spot template?

Can you please explain it please

Are you looking for help in regards to spot directing the characters? Or a whole template for that scene?

What exactly do u need help with ?

You need to tell us what it is you need help with or we can’t help you!

If you are asking for help learning to code: Here is a list of great resources and websites to help you learn to code and to find backgrounds/overlays :slight_smile:

Joseph Evans Youtube channel has a whole playlist of how-to code with examples inside the portal so you’ll see exactly what he’s talking about as he does it.

^^tons of tips, guides, templates. Definitely a website to bookmark. She also updates the templates with each new feature update so they are always up to date with the latest releases)

^^Joseph Evans website with backgrounds, overlays and a handful of useful templates. Be sure to read the stuff under the images to see if and how the artists want credit.


^^great for finding free use backgrounds

^^^ great for finding already transparent overlays

and www.tinypng.com is a website that I use to shrink file sizes on overlays if they are too big for the Portal’s 1MB limit. It keeps quality very well and always makes my overlays under the 1MB limit.

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Don’t be rude :man_facepalming:t4:I’m trying to learn how to code myself I already have a scene where they are at a abandoned house and abandoned building they see a vampire ghost woman

Maybe the exclamation mark was misleading, but she wasn’t even trying to be rude, lol. You have to say what exactly you need help with if you want someone to help you out. :upside_down_face:. You’re only saying what your story is about and what you have but the title of the post says you need help with the script, so you have to say something about it.


I absolutely wasn’t being rude, you do need to explain further though as youre repeating the same things over and over again and no one can help you without information

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Hey, because there are writers of a lot of different languages here, I have to ask (because it does seem like there’s some misunderstandings here), is English your second language?
Misunderstandings on your part: No one is trying to be rude, they would just like specific questions so that all of these people trying to help you out will know exactly what it is you need. That way they can figure out how to help you. :slight_smile:

I think the biggest confusion is:
You said you’ve “already have a scene where they are at an abandoned house and abandoned building, they see a vampire ghost woman” –
Does this mean that you have already started coding the scenes and you’ve experienced an “error message” that is confusing to you?
Do you need help understanding the basic scene set up so that you can code the scenes you’ve already written but not coded into the Portal yet?
Or is the whole of Donacode (the type of code Episode uses) hard to understand and you’re looking for a writing partner or a coding partner for your story to help you long term in those areas?

Simply saying “scene” isn’t enough information for the people on here to guess what part you need help with when it’s one word answers. So maybe you could give us a little more detail on what it is about the scene that you need help with?

No ma’am English is my first language I don’t speak Spanish or any language

I need help walking the characters but I don’t know how to do that

@/ColeCatalyst wrote you large message with website that will help you start to coding. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Episode itself has tutorials for beginners, and from what I see, you need to learn the basics to even start coding. Check websites, check episode tutorials and help, and start by spotting your characters and simple commands.
Unfortunately, no one will code for you.
Sure, you can ask for help to polish your coding, fix errors, or create templates for minigames or large scenes (like a party), but at the end of the day, no one will do your work. If you want to create your own story, you need to learn from scratch how to do things. We’ve all been there.

If you feel like coding is too much for you, but you want to create stories, you can try to find a partner to create stories with them, you’ll write and they’ll code, but don’t forget to always explain in the topic/thread what you need (unfortunately this topic of yours didn’t describe that so people were just asking what do you really need). :hugs:

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None of those help me out

Have you already written anything?

I noticed over the past year or so youve made about 5 posts asking for help but never actually told any one what help you need.

Can you show us what youve already written? Or have you not written anything yet? Then we can help you with walking

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