I need some help with my script

If you are asking for help learning to code: Here is a list of great resources and websites to help you learn to code and to find backgrounds/overlays :slight_smile:

Joseph Evans Youtube channel has a whole playlist of how-to code with examples inside the portal so you’ll see exactly what he’s talking about as he does it.

^^tons of tips, guides, templates. Definitely a website to bookmark. She also updates the templates with each new feature update so they are always up to date with the latest releases)

^^Joseph Evans website with backgrounds, overlays and a handful of useful templates. Be sure to read the stuff under the images to see if and how the artists want credit.


^^great for finding free use backgrounds

^^^ great for finding already transparent overlays

and www.tinypng.com is a website that I use to shrink file sizes on overlays if they are too big for the Portal’s 1MB limit. It keeps quality very well and always makes my overlays under the 1MB limit.

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