I need some help with my upcoming story

So I need someone that can read over once it’s out and fix my grammar and someone that can help with coding when need.
Here’s what the stories is about. Harper was born in the wrong body her parents are old fashion and she’s never allowed to be the persons she’s meant to be. She runs away from her fake life at home when she turns 18 and meets her best friend that becomes her love interest as the story goes on. She turns into the man she was was meant to be though the story and has issues with family and friends along the way.
Also anyone want to help me come up with the summary im stuck on it

Hey! I’d love to help :slight_smile:
If you want you could send me the link of your story and I’d help you with fixing some mistakes or the coding when you have difficulties. Though I don’t think I’m better than you at it haha. But I’ll surely help you with grammar and all!

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Messaging you know

Sorry thought thats what I had clicked on

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