I need some help with writting my story

I’ve got an idea for a story but i have know idea how to write it. I know how to code but its just knowing what to say and do. If anyone wants to be partners too that would be great. :hearts:

I’d love to be partners with you! Pm me if you’re interested <3

I love to !

I’m looking for a writing partner who’s a good script writer ( because i’m not creative). Im okayish at coding but i’m definitely improving.

Thankyou :hearts::hearts:

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Hi, I’m interested in being your writing partner :slight_smile: Do you have a story outline yet?

I want to be your writing partner :grin:

Not at the moment :hearts:

Thank you :blush:
I’ll PM you

I want to help

I wanna help

Awesome ill PM you

Okay ill PM you

Hey everyone, i’m looking for a writing partner who would want to create a whole new story with me. Just fill out this google form :hearts:



Join the thread. Im trying to get more people, so we can try help each other to get partners.

You can send the link for the form to :wink:

Hey ill help