I need some help


Hey I need a bit of help. I have a school setting and I have characters stand in the background and throughout the screen but they are kinda popping on one by one instead of them all being there when my character enters. I’ll include the scene down below for an idea of whats happening.


Change the @ to & for all the characters that are standing in the back.


Thank you! I will try it and tell you if it works.




Hey I need another thing. I used the “Demi Lovato” method to change my speech bubbles to purple, and they did but my characters are appearing a bit glitchy now, I literally copied my entire script pasted it into a new story remade all my characters AND outfits! And now its appearing slightly glitchy. I restarted the app and updated my script but the glitchness is still there.


How is it glitching?


Like when I play the story each behavior and action isn’t running smoothly there is this weird pause and then the action continues. It’s also happening for my other story as well.


Sounds like you should fill out a ticket and have Admin get on it


Of course, Thanks once again





Thanks to @RudeInception for the assist! Closing thread :slight_smile: