I need some ideas, I'm having writer's block with my story

I’m writing a story about a girl forced to marry into the mafia. That doesn’t happen their are things that have to be over come first. Currently on episode 9, the previous episode may main character got into an accident and lost her memory. Now I don’t know how to bounce off that idea. Can anyone help or spitball what i should do next? Please and Thank you. Write back to me here or Instagram @mins.episode.

Hey! Maybe she can help you:

Check the link out :upside_down_face:

I have an idea, depending on where you left her in the previous episode.

*If it was in the hospital, she wakes up with a fright, she turns her head to the side, trying to work out where she is. She finds a man sitting on a chair beside her asleep, there is another man near the door to her room, his back facing her, he looked big and rough looking. She lets out a small gasp, which wakes the man on the chair, he wakes and leans over and kisses her, she lets out a scream, a nurse runs into the room but the big man stops her, she sees him whisper something in her ear and she turns to leave. She asks the man that kissed her who he is, she watches as he and the big man exchange glances,

(Hope that can help)

thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
*so i left her off, she was in the hospital, wakes up with no memory. The guardian her father left for her tells her some things, but not too much. Feeling uncomfortable my main character goes to stay with her best friend who live 8 hours away. settling in her bsf works with her abusive ex. Having no one she can remember , she takes a job at his office. A couple of weeks the ex does something to my main character.

That’s where I left off.