I Need some ideas on characters with anxiety!

In the story I’m writing atm, the mc has anxiety. I have anxiety but I don’t know how to explain it from someone else’s pov. So maybe yall could tell me some situations where you have had extreme anxiety. Lmk if you are ok with it being added to my story(or a version of what you say)idk if this makes any sense


I’m not sure if this is a form of anxiety, but when I was in school (I’m 20 now and out of school) and had to do any presentations in front of the class - I could feel that my cheeks would start to warm up either meaning I was turing either one of the colors… red or pale. I want to say I’m fairly tan mexican girl, but when it comes to things out of my comfort zone I go red or pale in my face.
I also notcied that when I present anything I stay focus on one person/thing if I know them and if I tried turning my head it wouldn’t happen because it would lock up, I would also shake my leg up and down to try to calm myself down if that doesn’t work then I would fidget with my fingers till I had to sit back down in my seat. Sort of in a way I would panic :joy:


Legs are getting weak, sweaty hands, rumbling of stomach, dizziness, feels like fainting, extreme increase of heart beat, feel sick or vomiting… hmm, those are pretty much the things I get when I get anxiety…


Girl same, I do have anxiety and i’m always picking and biting my nails I start to sweat more and become shaky


@Ryder14 and @Marysol.Episode Im the same way!! When I was in the 5th or 6th grade I tried running for president and I was soooo confident but when it was time to do speeches my face went red I could hardly breath, and I started sweating like crazy… When I got up there I doubted my whole speech and made up one on the spot… I thought I did good but all my friends said they couldn’t hear me… Apparently, I was the only one who could hear me talk…

Girl I wouldn’t even have the courage to run for anything, anything with crowds is a BIG NO for me I just can’t

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The is I thought I could do it because I knew everyone in the school. I was the “popular kid” even tho idk why… BUT I didnt win that no one could understand me

As someone who struggles with anxiety you could do a scene from what the character is thinking before going back into reality for example (my own experience)

I was at work and my manager asked me to do a job. I went to do it and quickly realised I wasn’t strong enough, I stood there for a few moments wondering what to do and decided I would have to tell her that I wasn’t strong enough. But then I kind of zoned out and imagined them laughing at me, telling me I was incompetent and weak, silly and stupid, I could already feel myself feeling embarrassed and stressed over it and honestly I wanted to burst into tears.

Another example again from work. I made a mistake (a big mistake) and later that day my manager said she needed a meeting with me. I started to get stomach ache, headache and felt dizzy and sick. This led to vomiting (sorry for tmi) going pale, sweaty and my breathing was extremely heavy.

Other things that I find happen is
I get jittery (shaking)

I avoid going out, talking and being around people (including family)

Feeling like I need to run away

Loss of appetite or binge eating

Suicidal thoughts (I think that is mainly caused by my depression though)

Trouble sleeping

Avoid talking to people when they call

Your character could

Make excuses to avoid plans to go with friends

Avoid asking for help even when struggling to do something

Become shaky in social situations (including being asked something in class or work)

Become withdrawn not answering her/his phone


It’s crazy how much I can relate to this!! I also suffer from depression and anxiety I over think everything, I could be in the best mood and for me it’s the night that gets me, as soon as I lay in bed I start getting panic attack’s and start crying

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I stare off into space and have a lot of inner thoughts/ daydreams about worse case scenarios. Might be cool to add in. Like the character imagining the building is on fire or something?


Unfortunately, there’s a high comorbidity rate of depression and anxiety disorders…something I can confirm from experience. Your MC doesn’t necessarily have to suffer from depression, but if there are any side characters with anxiety (friends, members of a support group,) at least one of them probably would have a history of depression.

Does your character have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)? I have that, and I get very tense and sometimes will not want to be touched when I get anxious, and my stomach may feel weird. I’ll have racing thoughts and will be increasingly fidgety or even withdrawn. Sometimes I know the cause, and other times I have to determine possible causes.

I’m also very easily distracted, which is common in people with anxiety if they’re distracted by things that make them anxious. My attention span is completely fried in general, which may not be from anxiety, though.

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