I need some ideas

I have had writer’s block for the past couple of days. I came up with my story idea before I even started episode and now that I read the story, The Infected by @Caitoriri, I am now realizing that a lot of my ideas are somewhat related to a lot of what she has done. (freaking love The Infected, by the way)
So, I need some new ones.
My story is about a virus (??) that is affecting people in different ways based on their blood type. The main character (AKA, the reader), is 3 other students and have to find a way to get out of their city/state, and find a cure
Any ideas?


I haven’t read The Infected so I’m not sure if any of my ideas will be too similar, but I would think about:

  • How is the virus transmitted? ie. Blood stream, saliva, sweat, etc.?
  • What effects will the victims feel depending on their main blood types?
  • How is it cured? Blood transfusion, maybe? Is there a big market demand for blood? Are people killing others for their healthy blood? Is there a whole blood black market??? (I got too into it here)
  • Is there a bloodtype that’s immune, or just feels mild symptoms that pass?
  • Who are your main characters? Do their jobs relate to the disease? ie. Are they doctors, scientists, blood black market dealers?
  • What are your main character’s blood types? Will any of them die?

Just some starter ideas! I like the idea a lot, and I’m happy to workshop it with you!

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Those are great! Thank you so much! Here are the ones I have figured out:

  • The virus is airborne

  • I have the effects of the victims, and the cure, but those are both things that the main character needs to figure out. There is a blood type that is immune, the one that the main characters have, O-, since it’s the rarest blood type as well as a universal donor

  • The main characters are high school students, so it would be passed through their peers

  • Whether any of the characters die depends on the reader’s relationship with them and amount of survival points. I might even make the main character die if there isn’t enough points. I’m really into twists like that


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You’re very welcome! I love stories where the MC has a chance of dying, it definitely heightens the stakes!

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Wow this sounds like a really cool idea. Something cool might be to give the MC the rarest blood type (AB negative is the rarest blood type) and this type of blood is an ingredient needed for the cure. :thinking: just a thought can’t wait to read it if you publish it :blush:

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I honestly LOVE the idea! In terms of viruses there’s so many different things they can do and they can mutate in many different way, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it being similar unless you’re straight up copying!


I gave them all O-, since that’s the only universal donor, so if I were to do a cure based on blood type, they could give it to everybody. I do like the idea of something being special about the MC tho :thinking:


I’m glad you like it! I’m trying to be “different”, but I feel like all the ideas I’m having have already been taken by somebody. I’ll find something though


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