I need some INK villains in my story!


I need some villains in my story. All the Hero spots have been taken, sorry!

  1. I need to know your name (Regular and villain name)
  2. Your character details!
  3. Your villain outfit!
  4. Your power (optional, if power is already taken then I’ll tell you.)

[CLOSED] I need INK characters!

Name: Katheryne
Villain name: Meredith
Skin tone: Tofee
Eyes brows: Seductive arc
Hair: Suburban bubble
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Round classic
Eye color: Green
Nose: Elven
Lips: blossom lips
Powers: Telekenisis
Lip color: Plum
Face shape: Oval
Outfit: Whatever u want to put her


Do you want to choose your power?


The power of Telakanisis


I think you mean telekinesis. Moving objects with your mind, is that what you mean?


Yea sorry I don’t know how to spell😄


But yes that is what I meant


I’ll be one!!
Name: killer frost
Regular Name: Adriana
Details: she was a scientist who got “transformed” and the powers took over her life to the point where she couldn’t control them

Power: ice and snow


You’re absolutely fine! Okay.




That’s a good power n story :grin:


Okay! I’ll get started. Same with you, @Forever1201.




Here’s my villain character!
Name: Jacklyn Bell
Villain name: Trauma
Skin: light
Face: Round
Hair: Beach wave (black)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (hickory)
Nose: refined
Lips: Classic (raven)
Outfit: any, maybe something dark?
Powers: she can make you relive your worst memories/fears (does that make sense?)


Yes! Your power is so unique. I never would have thought out that!


:joy: Thank you! I have a huge imagination and I love superheroes :laughing:


Omg, me too! I love heroes and such, that’s why I made this story!


Let me know when it’s out! I’ll definitely check it out! :heart:


It’s already out!
I’m going to use these character later in my story. There’s nothing wrong with preparing, right?
My Story!!


Oh okay! Going to check it out now :slightly_smiling_face: