I need some INK villains in my story!

I need some villains in my story. All the Hero spots have been taken, sorry!

  1. I need to know your name (Regular and villain name)
  2. Your character details!
  3. Your villain outfit!
  4. Your power (optional, if power is already taken then I’ll tell you.)

Name: Katheryne
Villain name: Meredith
Skin tone: Tofee
Eyes brows: Seductive arc
Hair: Suburban bubble
Hair color: Black
Eyes: Round classic
Eye color: Green
Nose: Elven
Lips: blossom lips
Powers: Telekenisis
Lip color: Plum
Face shape: Oval
Outfit: Whatever u want to put her

Do you want to choose your power?

The power of Telakanisis

I think you mean telekinesis. Moving objects with your mind, is that what you mean?

Yea sorry I don’t know how to spell😄

But yes that is what I meant

I’ll be one!!
Name: killer frost
Regular Name: Adriana
Details: she was a scientist who got “transformed” and the powers took over her life to the point where she couldn’t control them

Power: ice and snow

You’re absolutely fine! Okay.


That’s a good power n story :grin:

Okay! I’ll get started. Same with you, @Forever1201.


Here’s my villain character!
Name: Jacklyn Bell
Villain name: Trauma
Skin: light
Face: Round
Hair: Beach wave (black)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (hickory)
Nose: refined
Lips: Classic (raven)
Outfit: any, maybe something dark?
Powers: she can make you relive your worst memories/fears (does that make sense?)

Yes! Your power is so unique. I never would have thought out that!

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:joy: Thank you! I have a huge imagination and I love superheroes :laughing:

Omg, me too! I love heroes and such, that’s why I made this story!

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Let me know when it’s out! I’ll definitely check it out! :heart:

It’s already out!
I’m going to use these character later in my story. There’s nothing wrong with preparing, right?
My Story!!


Oh okay! Going to check it out now :slightly_smiling_face: