I need some limelight characters ( roles ) (Will credit if needed)

I need some limelight characters but specific characters:

Male of Female for all!

News Anchors (1)

Talk Show Host! (3)
( Like Ellen and Wendy Williams, you will have your own show )
If you have a show name for your character comment that as well
Timber AKA Jessica

Fans(as much as needed)

(Other side/main characters)
Needs to be asian! To be one of these the character has to be Asian ( my story is of kpop idols )

Groupies! (2)
(Anyone can be a groupie)

If you want to be credited please let me know! If you have a desired outfit then that will be put on your character PLEASE know that host and anchors normally dress fancy/sophisticated. If you don’t have an outfit like that then I can make one I have no problem doing that.

Please also comment who you want your character to be and I’ll reserve that spot for you!


i’ll be a news anchor, thank u!! <3
my instagram is @hollywood.writes :sun_behind_small_cloud:


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You choose !!

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Thank you so much Holly! Your character is so pretty and classy I think your going to have a Holly Show, did you want to come up with the shows name or did you want it to be like the “Holly “last name here” show!

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Sure !

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thank u makayla!! <3
i love the idea of ‘the holly show’ :see_no_evil:


you can make me the talk show host :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


100% girly with all the help you’ve done with finding backgrounds you better believe you going to be in this! Do you have an idea of the show name or did you want me to make one up?

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hehe thank you! you can make one up :kissing_smiling_eyes:

if you need help with backgrounds or anything let me know, i’m always free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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im in the 3rd episode so after that I can publish and I can assure to you that you will be in the 3rd episode on your show!

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can I please be a talk show host if it’s cool

plz change hair to ash blonde


my LI lol

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Yes! What would you like your show to be called

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ummm… idk :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

give a sec lol… unless u wanna make a name

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You can make one up or I can I’m fine either way

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lol sorry can you :sweat_smile:

I’m a wee bit un-creative

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Yeah that’s fine, I understand :joy:

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Can I be a talk show host? :hushed:
Name: Emma
Credit me on Instagram: emma.writes.episode

What is your story about? And you can change the outfit as you like!

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My story follows the mc debuting in a kpop group ( like blackpink or bts )and how they become extremely popular after their first song breaks Korean and American records. Now they are always in the spotlight and it follows their journey being famous.

Thank you for submitting your character!