I need some models to practice art 😬

Hey I need some model to practice my art on you can leave you character and I’ll try and draw them

I can do any style…

Here’s my examples


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Character: Female

Body - Gold 03

Brow- Arched thick style

Hair- Long Curls

Eyes- Deepset Almond. Color: violet

Face- Triangle Defined

Nose- Defined Natural

Lips- full heart pouty vampire fangs. Color- blackberry matte

What’s the hair color?

Warm white

Didn’t even notice that missing

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Thank you

Here you go love :blush:
Skin tone: Toffee
Eyes: Upturned Feline; Toffee
Hair: Chestnut; Long Curly
Face Shape: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round; Mocha
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch

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Name : Roy
Body : Toffee
Eyebrow : Seductive arch
Eyes : Upturned bold ; Colour : Blue
Nose : Redefined
Lips : Classic ; Colour : Ruby
Face : Oval
Hair : High Ponytail ; Colour : Auburn

Outfit : Black Triangle Cutout Dress and Cut Out Heels

Name : Alec
Body : Light
Eyebrow : Thin arch
Eyes : Round Gentle ; Colour : white
Nose : Button
Lips : Small Round ; Colour : Blush
Face : Defined triangle
Hair : Short Cropped hair ; Colour : Platinum Blonde

Outfit : Tank Top (Black), Blue Moon Jacket, Cuffed Jeans, Black Leather Oxford Shoes, Rectangular Thin Glasses


Of course. Can’t wait to see :yum:

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This is what I did with the character you sent me…I know it pretty bad :grimacing:

Not at all. I love it :heart_eyes_cat: May I use it? On some splashes maybe?

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Yeah I don’t mind you using it

Great. Do you wanna put your signature on it? And what name shall I credit you with?

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Sure I’ll add my signature
And by my forums username is fine

Here I added my signature at the bottom

Awesome thank you :blush: erm I’m sorry to be a pain in the a$$ but can you convert it to png? I’m trying but it’s messing up the picture overall, which I don’t want :sweat_smile: don’t hate meeeee

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Sure your fineee

Here you go

Awesome. Thanks so much for the character and hope you enjoyed practicing with it. Keep up the good work :blush:

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Your welcome :grin: