I need some of those musics

I am making a special scene in which I require this very music.

I listened to all available musics in portal but I couldn’t get it. Also there are lot more musics which aren’t there.
Anyway I can get to use them?

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I think it hasn’t been released for user stories yet :confused:

You’re looking for the music file that was in the video?

Yeah, I think you’re right. I couldn’t find it!

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What do you mean? I cant use them?

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Nope, it’s not released for authors.

OK I know those musics are used in some Original Episode Stories. But, some other Authors are able to put those musics in their stories too.

How is it possible?

Those authors got their stories featured by Episode. Episode then often edits the stories, makes them shorter etc. and adds different music as well, like in this one.

Oh so thats how those special musics are there.

Humm. So episode creators must have added it. Along with all those camera and zoom effects which looks so professional and sophisticated.

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