I need some opinions on the characters in my story, I want to know your thoughts about the characters and the story

Since I’m so bored because of quarantine, I want to see what you guys think about the characters in my story.
I promise I won’t get butthurt so you can be honest on what you think
Here’s the link to my story http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5539232931446784

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I can give some feedback if you’d like?

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The link doesn’t work for me, can you give me the title?

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So, I’ve read your first chapter. The premise of the story is a good one, and I think Amanda is definitely the sort of character readers will grow to love! Your directing is good. You have a few grammar mistakes, which you should probably sort out, and it looks like the two girls bullying Amanda at the start of the story are wearing default outfits from the Writers’ Portal. I think a way to give us extra insight into Amanda’s character early on could be to focus more on her use of dancing as an escape from everyday life. (Perhaps she could join a dance school near her house, because this could help explain her reluctance to move away from somewhere she seems to hate.)


It’s called A New World. You’ll see a cover of a girl looking off into the distance and the title is light blue

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I’ll work on something like Amanda escaping and trying out different things in the world. But she does get some help with that in episode 2 and 3

I just finished the first chapter, and I already like the story. It’s well written and the directing is good.

As for the characters, I haven’t seen a lot of them since I’m onthe first chapter. But I like Amanda, she’s pretty relatable. The mom and dad are great support for her, as well.

Though I have one complaint: maybe you could add fullstops at the end of sentences, commas too. They feel incomplete without them.

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What’s the title? Links don’t work for me

A New World you’ll see a picture of the main character looking into the distance

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After the topics were merged I see I already read it lol

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