I need some opinions!

Okay, so I finished episode 3 on my story but my covers aren’t approved yet, would it be better for me to just wait until my covers are approved to post my story? Or should I post it anyway? I’m planning on polishing up my story a little bit, so it might not be posted until a later date, but what if my covers aren’t approved yet

I’d wait, stories are way more eye catching when they have covers. It may sound harsh, but I don’t read stories that don’t have a cover, simply because they feel unofficial.


That’s what I was thinking of doing because im planning on polishing up my episodes a little bit anyway, I just wanted a couple of opinions, Thank You

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You’re welcome :grin:

Thank You! but as of right now I’ll have plenty of time to get my covers published before I post my story , I already planned my first three episodes out in a notebook, but when I put them into the script and played it, it actually seemed quite boring, so I’m making it more exciting and using more zooms and things, so hopefully, by the time I’m done, which will probably be a couple weeks from now, my covers will be published

I’d wait until the cover is approved because stories that don’t have a cover except for the generic Episode ones can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. I admit I don’t really get drawn to those with the generic Episode covers.

Yeah, I’ve been looking on the forums for tips and watching Youtube videos on how to direct and stuff like that, it has really helped me a lot

Yeah, neither do I, I’m kind of polishing up my story a lot, so hopefully by the time I’m done my covers will be approved

I would wait :slight_smile: there’s no rush! Make sure everything is perfect before you publish :grin:

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I was doing the same for my new story because I rushed it a bit to be published in time for the contest and I also got new covers, so I don’t want to rush and publish until it’s the way I want it. So I think you are making a good decision. Good luck! :grinning: