I need some opinions :)


So, today I just made my first digital art and I really need some advices!


It’s really cute, very neat! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Very lovely!!!


It’s really cute, did you contour though cause if not you should! It just makes your drawing look even more realistic.


Thank you! <3


Yes, I contured but not too hard. I’ll try to improve it.


It looks great already, glad you took my advice though. I’ve seen many artists who have contoured works, and it just brings more life to their work.


You should define her cheeks more to, only if you want to though. Just suggestions :wink:


I’ll try it, thank you!


I actually think it looks beatutiful !Great job for your first art


No problem! Just trying to help fellow beginners out. :grin:




Wow. Did you use a tablet or a computer doing this?


With my laptop, I just bought a graphic tablet.


That is stunning. I can’t do that on my computer because the dang mouse always gets stuck.


Wow! This is stunning! :exploding_head: It looks beautiful and when people draw episode char. the hair always looks a little funky, but yours is incredible! :yellow_heart:


Feel you, with the mouse I can do only the oufit but the face… That’s why I bought a graphic tablet, it’s pretty cool. And thank you! :two_hearts:


Wow thank you so much, I really apreciate it!


That is beautiful! I respect everyone who can draw on a computer lol. I really hope to see more of your art in the future! :heart:


Thank you so much, I really hope so!