I need some overlay texts

So I tried to use this website to make some overlays: +1 +3 +5 BUT it won’t do the + it just makes the numbers. Can someone help me and make them for me or if anyone knows a website that makes the +?

I can make them and and help you place them you don’t need the + you would do @overlay the name of the overlay in all caps moves to layer 1, 2, 3 or -1, -2, -3

No I know how to use overlays. I kow how to place them.

I just need an overlay +1 +3 and +5. With the + in it. The problem is the website I use to create my text png, won’t create the + in +1, it just creates the 1. And I specifically need the + in it.

And yes this is in the right category because what I need is an overlay made, not directing help.

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Sorry, miss understood what you were needing and what do you use I can try what color do you need them? And fount ?

Color is black and font is Casua Bold

And what I need is +1, +3, +5, they need to be seperate, with the + sign in it

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Okay I’ll see if my app will let me do it for you

Here you go😊