I need some overlays/covers/backgrounds

So, I’m making 2 stories. One is for the episode CLUE contest, and the other is just my story. I need:
A lot of overlays of supplies that you might need in a zombie apocalypse:
Water bottles
Sleeping Bags
I also need some creepy backgrounds, like ones in the woods, or in a weird house that is mostly black and gray.
The last thing I need are 2 covers. These require a little more detail, so if you are interested in doing it, please contact me either through the forums, (preferably not just a reply, since there is no guarantee that I will see it), or message me through my gmail olivia.brame33@gmail.com
Thank you so much. I will edit if someone gets something for me. I already have a maybe contender for doing the covers, but I will take as many as I can get!