I Need Some Overlays? - jk nevermind

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on, but I need a few different overlays. If y’all can make them or tell me where I can find them that would be so amazing!!

So I need…
A laptop facetime screen
Just random INK hand overlays (where can I find these lol)
Some water overlays (like if the characters were in a pool)

and thats it for now.
Thanks so much! (:

hahaha no one even replied to this :joy:

(me 6 months later)

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that’s tuff
you can get ink limbs on tinaepisode linktree
you can get a laptop ft on zen.episode linktree

these are from shara.stories credit her

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noooo :sob:

Here are some drives with good overlays/bgs:


Hope it’s worth the six months of wait I-