I need some people to tell my if I improve my art

I did that about a year ago .

I did this one recently

Anyone can reply and tell me did I improve and for the 2nd tell me what I need to work on , pls and if you do thank you . :hugs:


Hey, there! This is AWESOME!
I’m also trying to do some art things like outlines but, …
So, you really improved your art skills for sure

But, maybe you should change the hair a little bit… like there should be something more between the black and the blue part of the hair. Like the colours should start from black and at the end to become blue
I DIDNT WANT TO SOUND RUDE…SORRY:pleading_face: :pleading_face:

Anyways, good luck with this :relieved:


You did!! The improvement is so apparent, love your art <3


You did!! You lines are clean and the hair looks :ok_hand:


Thank you for the feed back , i´ll take in in consideration and you give me your honest opinion so thank you very much . :relaxed:

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Thank you , I´m glad you like it . :dizzy: :heart:

Thank you , love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yes deffo have improved!! I love the shading of the skin and your noses and lip shapes and eyes and tattoos have also improved alot! Well done and keep working hard :point_right:t2: :point_left:t2: :relaxed: :yay:

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Thank you so much . that´s really kind of you to say . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :relaxed:

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