I need some plot advice!

hi! i want to do a story based off the movie “Cam” if you haven’t see it… basically the mc is a cam girl and she does a stunt that causes a weird virus to hack into her account and impersonate her. I love the story and I want to create something out of it but I can’t figure out what to change so that I’m not copying. She won’t be a cam girl because it’s too inappropriate-- but if anyone could help me figure out a good story line that would be great!! (credit will be given ofc!)

In the movie, what did she do the caused the virus to access her account?

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a fan asked her to kill herself and she pretends to do it. the fan is her friend so of course it was a set up-- but basically the virus thought she was actually dead and wanted to take over?

Wow. It’s like a sentient virus. I don’t know how, but maybe the virus was waiting or something. What genres do you like?

I love romance but horror and thriller has recently been a favorite of mine.

Have you come up with any ideas? I don’t really have anything specific in mind, but I’m thinking of something.

not really ): its so hard to think of anything to change at the moment !

What’s your favorite kind of main character?

You could do a universe where mindwipes are mandatory for people who’ve committed crimes in order to be fully rehabilitated. However, a mysterious virus takes hold of the system, manipulating it and protecting people’s memories. The MC could be one of those people who has their memory still. The twist is they didn’t actually commit crimes. The government just wanted to control their population because of a potential threat to resources. They do the mindwipes because there’s not enough resources for everyone to have, causing a lot of crime. Because they needed to handle the crime rate, they started giving the option to rehabilitate people through giving them a new identity and life. This practice starts to fade out because some people in charge started doing it to other people who didn’t commit any crimes in order to ensure resources were protected. Whenever people get through rehabilitation, they get tracked through a micro chip inserted by the government to ensure they can keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t act up. In order to be fully rehabilitated, you have to work at factories or farms to make essential resources for the society.

This is just a random thought I had.

Maybe instead she is a gamer or youtuber

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